Shawn Cowan

Born September 12, 1984, Shawn grew up enjoying playing with and collecting super hero action figures and comic books. His inspiration for all things creative originates from the love of his childhood heroes. Shawn continues to collect and create action figures for inspiration and enjoyment.

In 2001 Shawn began training to become a professional wrestler at a local wrestling academy run by the legendary General Skandor Akbar of WCCW fame. He debuted in his first match January 19, 2002 and still wrestles occasionally to this day.

Growing up, Shawn had a passion to create. He spent many days drawing his favorite heroes and coming up with new ones. While training to wrestle, Shawn created a few of his own characters to use in the ring. He designed the concepts for these characters and had the designs sent to a costume fabricator. Displeased with the results of the costumes, Shawn decided to try his hand at fabricating his own attire. This exposed an untapped talent Shawn didn't know he had.

Fast forward to 2003, Shawn was known as the go-to wrestling attire creator for independent wrestlers in the region. From there, word spread to talent in top wrestling organizations internationally and his work began to appear on television, in magazines, books, and even in action figure form at retail stores. Shawn's original intentions were to create impressive gear for himself to perform in, but everyone wanted to wear a piece of his work and he became one of the top outlets for wrestling gear in the United States.

In addition to the classic style of wrestling tights and masks, Shawn has experience with leather work, molding and pressure casting in several materials, drawing, painting, airbrushing, cosplay, digital design, packaging design, marketing and advertising design, business collateral, corporate identity and especially in t-shirt design. He recently created his own independent toy company called "PhiliPro Toy Co"; a small scale commission based toy company specializing in one-off custom action figures.

Shawn stays very busy with a full time job as a Creative Arts Manager for a t-shirt design company. When he finds the occasional moment to himself, he works on toys and develops character concepts in his studio. Shawn mostly enjoys spending time with his wife, Jennifer, and his two children, Liberty and Timothy.